Koibana: Kono Yuuwaku niwa Katenai! Best 6
Koibana: Kono Yuuwaku niwa Katenai! Best 6
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Koibana: Kono Yuuwaku niwa Katenai! Best 6

TítuloKoibana: Kono Yuuwaku niwa Katenai! Best 6
SinopsisRecopilación de varias historias cortas de distintas mangakas de la revista Cheese!. Real Kiss "Miyasaka Kaho" The player, Fujikawa Mitsuki, likes to tease Haruna. One day their cell phones get switched. What will happen next? Body Talk "Doumoto Nao" Yuuri falls in love at first sight with Shingo, a basketball player from another school. From that moment on, she pursues him relentlessly. How will their relationship work out? Atashi no Mannaka "Watanabe Shiho" In their school, dating was forbidden. Unknowingly, their secret kiss was seen. Now the principal"s son is interested in her and takes matters into his own hands. Enmeshed in a dizzying spiral of desire and betrayal, where will she find love? Uso to Koi no Hajimari "Shimaki Ako" Akane does a favor for her friend, Tomoko, by agreeing to show her childhood friend, Ken-kun, around Tokyo while pretending to be Tomoko! Will she be found out? Ah! Itoshi no Caramel Boy "Kayono" Akira and Yuujirou, who are childhood fr
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Titulo: Koibana: Kono Yuuwaku niwa Katenai! Best 6

  • Capítulo 5 Renai Sensou | fanart2015-04-03
  • Capítulo 4 Ah! Itoshi No Caramel Boy | fanart2015-04-03
  • Capítulo 3 Uso To Koi No Hajimari | fanart2015-04-03
  • Capítulo 2 Body Talk | fanart2015-04-03
  • Capítulo 1 Real Kiss | fanart2015-04-03